Patricia M. Martin, Esq. Women Abuse in the Covid-19 era.

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Patricia M. Martin is a US Attorney who had the opportunity to live and work in Cyprus as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar from August 2014 to May 2015. During her tenure in Cyprus she taught at the University of Nicosia School of Law in the areas of international human rights law, the European Convention on Human Rights, and implemented the ONE WOMAN AT A TIME (OWAAT) project.

Today OWAAT is recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) as the world’s first international online self-help human rights toolbox for abuse women to file for no contact civil orders of protection and divorce.

OWAAT is an informative internet platform aimed at empowering abused women generally, but not exclusively by providing everyone with simplified gender-neutral forms also which are not limited to prevent only physical violence, but to include non-physical violence forms of abuse: harassment, intimidation, and threats. OWAAT viewers can learn how to move themselves from ‘abused victim’ to ‘self-represented civil litigant’. Simplified, self-help fill-in-the-blank forms available in multi-languages and laws are downloadable via the OWAAT website. OWAAT message “Yes you can!” aims to encourage and empower all abused persons to file on their own in court for a no contact temporary emergency civil protections order as necessary to prevent violations of human rights by the risk of harm, the risk of injury.

Patricia also created and launched the first “Zero Tolerance of Abuse Against Women” National Campaign. Her TedX Talk ‘Self-help your right to no contact’ was presented by TedX Nicosia Women in May 2015.

In this Podcast we discuss interesting topics and issues including Patricia’s ties with Cyprus and

• the right to “no contact”;
• the need for a system where abused women can have easy and quick access to court protection;
• the OWAAT project;
• the mentality of the Cyprus legal system as regards women rights and prevention of the abuse of women;
• the Istanbul Convention and why Patricia considers it as a “Bible” regarding abused women’s rights;
• the current situation in the US respecting law enforcement, human rights violations and the #BlackLivesMatter protest.

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